Venetian red

Satzbeispiele & Übersetzungen

Whiting, cod, pout, plaice, red gurnard, black bream, red mullet
Wittling, Kabeljau, Stintdorsch, Scholle, Kuckucks-Knurrhahn, Streifenbrasse, Meerbarben
Dark red meranti, light red meranti and meranti bakau
Dark Red Meranti, Light Red Meranti und Meranti Bakau
Cast aluminium articles such as inspection traps, gutters and gutter spouts, ladders and steps, thimbles, venetian blinds, cigarette cases, cosmetic or powder boxes and cases
Andere Waren aus Aluminium, gegossen
Venetian blinds
Port Wine that appears red or full red coloured.
Portwein von roter oder sattroter Farbe.
Red delicious and other red varieties
Red delicious und andere rote Sorten
Red carpets not red faces
Roter Teppich und Zeremonien