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DE Phrasen mit unit EN Übersetzungen
Chemistry Unit — GALAB — Deutschland Chemistry Unit — GALAB — Germany
Feldname: Supplementary Unit Type Field Name: Supplementary Unit Type
Supplementary Unit Type supplementary unit type
Unit Shipment Unit shipments
„Sanctions Licensing Unit ‘Sanctions Licensing Unit
Radio-Infill-Unit Radio in-fill unit
Bewertung des Unit-Nonresponse, Assessment of unit non-response.
Unit-Response-Quoten [2], Unit response rates [2].
die Unit-Response-Quote [8]; unit response rate [8],
UNIT (Einheit) UNIT (Unit)
UNIT (Einheit) UNIT (unit)
Central Unit (Zentraleinheit) Central unit
die Unit-Response-Quote, Unit response rate,
UNIT (Einheit) ‘UNIT (Unit)
UNIT Maßeinheit (aus Liste 12) UNIT Unit of measurement (from the list 12)
Unit-Response-Quoten; Unit response rates.
Unit-Non-Response Unit non-response
 &bdquUnitit Trust“  unit trust
entweder  InvestmentfondUnitit Trust either  a common fund/unit trust
Unit A’ Kornarou Str.
Einheit (unit) Unit (unit)
Restructuring Unit: […] %. restructuring unit: […] %
control and display unit Chemical Abstracts Service
Zentraleinheit (central processing unit) Central processing unit
Farm Advice Unit Farm Advice Unit
RDS — Farm Advice Unit RDS — Farm Advice Unit
Unit 12 Unit 12
Unit 301 Industrial Park Unit 301 Industrial Park
Goods Unit Goods Unit
Kent Downs Unit Kent Downs Unit
Policy Unit Policy Unit
DE Synonyme für unit EN Übersetzungen
Batterie [Division] f battery
Armada [Division] f armada
Gruppe [Division] f array antenna
EN Englisch DE Deutsch
unit (n) Gruppe (n) {f}
unit (n) [furniture] Element (n) {n} [furniture]
unit (n) Block (n) {m}
unit (n) [medicine] Dosis (n) {f} [medicine]
unit (n) Einheit (n) {f}
unit (n) [general] Einheit (n) {f} [general]
unit Geräteeinsatz
unit (n) Aggregat (n) {n} (n)
unit (n) Referat (n) {n} (n)

Englisch Deutsch Übersetzungen

EN Synonyme für unit DE Übersetzungen
piece [section] Knarre {f}
square [section] gleichseitiges Rechteck
block [section] Sperre
factor [section] Einflußgröße
joint [section] (slang Verbindung {f}
length [section] Längenmaß {n}
quantity [section] Dimension {f}
system [thing] System {n}
complement [thing] Kehrwert {m}
element [thing] Element {n}
component [thing] Komponente {f}
member [thing] Angehörige (m] der berittenen Polizeitruppe [f)
part [thing] Bestandteil {m}
total [thing] gesamt
assemblage [thing] Ansammlung {f}
squad [armed forces] Gruppe {f}
patrol [armed forces] abfliegen
troops [armed forces] Truppen
organisation [armed forces] organisation
organization [armed forces] Einrichtung {f}