• It may be parboiled.
  • Kann auch angekocht sein.

Satzbeispiele & Übersetzungen

wholly milled Parboiled Long A within CN code 10063065,
geschliffener parboiled Langkornreis A, KN-Code 10063065,
wholly milled Parboiled Long B within CN code 10063067,
geschliffener parboiled Langkornreis B, KN-Code 10063067,
semi-milled Parboiled rice Long A
halbgeschliffener parboiled Langkornreis A
semi-milled Parboiled rice Long B
halbgeschliffener parboiled Langkornreis B
wholly milled Parboiled rice Long A
geschliffener parboiled Langkornreis A
wholly milled Parboiled rice Long B
geschliffener parboiled Langkornreis B
rice in the husk, parboiled Long A
parboiled Langkornrohreis A
rice in the husk parboiled Long B
parboiled Langkornrohreis B
rice in the husk other than parboiled Long A
anderer Rohreis als parboiled Langkornreis A
Fodder meal from parboiled rice
Futtermehl aus Parboiled-Reis
The rice may have been parboiled.
Der Reis kann parboiled sein.
The rice may have been parboiled or extruded.
Der Reis kann parboiled oder extrudiert sein
- semi-milled Parboiled Long A within CN code 10063025,
- halbgeschliffener parboiled Langkornreis A, KN-Code 10063025,