of truly Olympic proportions

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The routes in question had been operated either by Olympic Airways or by Olympic Aviation, and the flight divisions of these companies had been transferred to Olympic Airlines.
Die fraglichen Strecken seien entweder von Olympic Airways oder von Olympic Aviation bedient worden, und aus den Flugsparten dieser Unternehmen sei Olympic Airlines hervorgegangen.
This figure was a valuation, by management, of the Olympic brand name, the Olympic logo, the Olympic Airlines trademark, and slots and bilateral agreements.
Dieser Betrag beruhe auf der Bewertung des Markennamens Olympic, des Olympic-Logos, der Marke Olympic Airlines sowie von Slots und bilateralen Vereinbarungen durch das Management.
Olympic truce
Olympischer Frieden
Olympic truce
Olympischer Friede
Olympic truce -
Olympischer Friede -