Korrosion (Nomen)


corrosion (n)

  • Korrosion
  • Corrosion
  • Kupferstreifen-korrosion
  • Copper strip corrosion
  • Korrosion;
  • for the absence of corrosion;

Satzbeispiele & Übersetzungen

Verhindert die Korrosion der Verpackung.
Promotes the formation of intimate mixtures of non-miscible liquids by altering the interfacial tension. EMULSION STABILISING Helps the process of emulsification and improves emulsion stability and shelf-life. FILM FORMING Produces, upon application, a continuous film on skin, hair or nails. FOAMING
Ursachen der Korrosion;
Causes of corrosion;
potenzieller Abbau und Korrosion der feuerfesten Materialien,
potential carryover phenomena and corrosion of the refractory materials
Interne Korrosion
Internal corrosion
Externe Korrosion
External corrosion
8.1.1. Korrosion
8.1.1. Corrosion
etwaige Korrosion der Rahmen der Decksmaschinen;
possible corrosion of deck machinery mountings,