• Haie
  • Sharks
  • Haie
  • Dogfish and other sharks
  • Kleine Haie
  • Small sharks

Satzbeispiele & Übersetzungen

Skates and rays n.e.i. Haie, Rochen n.n.b.
Sharks, rays and skates etc.
Skates and rays, n.e.i. Haie, Rochen
Sharks, rays, skates, etc.
Rays, skates, mantas n.e.i. Haie n.n.b.
Rays, skates, mantas n.e.i.
Dogfishes and hounds Haie n.n.b.
Various sharks n.e.i.
Haie, gefroren
Frozen dogfish and other sharks
Und man sagt, dass sogar Haie deshalb ertrinken.
He found a way to have them ripped up in tiny pieces so that they could be reused.