Gesuchter Begriff delivery hat 15 Ergebnisse
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delivery (n) Bezug (n) {m}
delivery (n) [goods] Übergabe (n) {f} [goods]
delivery (n) Versand (n) {m}
delivery Abgabe (f)
delivery (n) [medicine] Geburt (n) {f} [medicine]
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delivery (n) Auslieferung (n) {f}
delivery (n) [goods] Auslieferung (n) {f} [goods]
delivery (n) Lieferung (n) {f}
delivery (n adj) [act of conveying something] Lieferung (n adj) {f} [act of conveying something]
delivery (n) [trade] Lieferung (n) {f} [trade]
delivery (n) [trade] Sendung (n) {f} [trade]
delivery (n) Weitersendung (n)
delivery Zustellung {f}
delivery (n) Niederkunft (n) {f}
delivery (n) Ablieferung (n) (f)

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EN Synonyme für delivery DE Übersetzungen
flow [smoothness] течение
coherence [smoothness] кохерентност (n)
continuity [smoothness] непрекъснатост {f}
emission [event] излъчване
parturition [reproduction] раждане
birth [reproduction] начало
eloquence [speech] красноречие (n)
pronunciation [speech] изговор {m} (ízgovor)
diction [speech] дикция (n)
distribution [distribution of periodicals] разпределяне (n)
dissemination [distribution of periodicals] разпространение
dispersion [distribution of periodicals] разсейване (n)
circulation [distribution of periodicals] обращение (n)
consignment [bringing merchandise] пратка (n)
conveyance [bringing merchandise] превоз (n)
childbirth [bringing forth a baby] раждане
labour [bringing forth a baby] Ü|en| труд {m} (trud)
ball [baseball] възглавничка (n v int)
control [baseball] управление
arm [baseball] ръка {f} (rǎká)