Deutsch Englisch
Perserkatze Persian cat
Perserkriege Greco-Persian Wars
Perserreich Persian
Perserteppich Persian carpet
Perses Perses
Perseus Perseus
Perseus Project Perseus Project
Persian Alpha Indi
Persien Persian
Persiflage parody
persiflieren satirize
Persimmon Persimmon plc
Persimone persimmon
persisch Persian
Persische Iran
Persische Architektur Iranian architecture
Persische Briefe Persian Letters
Persische Küche Iranian cuisine
Persische Literatur Persian literature
Persische Miniaturmalerei Persian miniature
Persische Mumie Persian Princess
Persische Sprache Persian
Persische Windmühle Vertical axis wind turbine
Persischer Ehrenpreis Veronica persica
Persischer Garten Persian gardens
Persischer Golf Persian Gulf
persistent persistent
Persistent sexual arousal syndrome Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder
Persistente Welt Persistent world
persistenter organischer Schadstoff persistant organic pollutant
Persistenz persistence
Persius Iran
Person character
Person of the Year Person of the Year
Person zulasten dependent
Persona grata Persona Grata
Persona ingrata Persona Non Grata
Persona non grata Persona Non Grata
Personal staff
Personal Area Network Personal area network
Personal Computer personal computer
Personal Computer Memory Card International Association PC Card
Personal Defence Weapon Personal defense weapon
Personal Digital Assistant Personal digital assistant
Personal Digital Cellular Personal Digital Cellular
Personal finden für man
Personal Firewall Personal firewall
Personal Handyphone System Personal Handy-phone System
Personal Information Manager Personal information manager
Personal luxury cars Personal luxury car
Personal Navigation Device Personal navigation device
Personal Software Process Personal Software Process
Personal Unblocking Key Personal Unblocking Code
Personal Video Recorder Digital video recorder
Personal-Computer personal computer
Personalabbau workforce reduction
Personalabteilung human resources department
Personalakte personal file
Personalaufwand deployment of personnel