Deutsch Englisch
Opechancanough Opchanacanough
Opel Opel
Opel Antara Opel Antara
Opel Astra Opel Astra
Opel Astra F Opel Astra
Opel Astra G General Motors Astra
Opel Astra H General Motors Astra
Opel Corsa Opel Corsa
Opel Frontera Isuzu MU Wizard
Opel Meriva Opel Meriva
Opel Senator Opel Senator
Opel Vectra Opel Vectra
Opel Zafira Opel Zafira
Open Clip Art Library Open Clip Art Library
Open content Open content
Open Database Connectivity Open Database Connectivity
Open Datalink Interface Open Data-Link Interface
Open Directory Project Open Directory Project
Open Document Format Alliance OpenDocument Format Alliance
Open Doors Open Doors
Open Educational Resources Open educational resources
Open Enterprise Server Novell Open Enterprise Server
Open Gaming License Open Gaming License
Open Group The Open Group
Open Hearts Open Hearts
Open Innovation Open Innovation
Open Invention Network Open Invention Network
Open Inventor Open Inventor
Open Link open link
Open Palmtop Integrated Environment OPIE user interface
Open Skies Open skies
Open Society Institute Open Society Institute
Open Sound Control OpenSound Control
Open Sound System Open Sound System
Open Source Open source
Open Source Definition Open Source Definition
Open Source Development Labs Open Source Development Labs
Open Source Intelligence Open Source Intelligence
Open Space Open Space Technology
Open Systems Interconnection Open systems interconnect
Open Ticket Request System OTRS
Open Unified Process OpenUP
Open University Open University
Open University of Israel Open University of Israel
Open Vlaamse Liberalen en Democraten Flemish Liberals and Democrats
Open-Kollektor-Ausgang open-collector output
Open-loop-Betrieb open-loop mode
Open-shop-Betrieb open shop operation
Open-Source-Bewegung Open source movement
Open-Source-Font Free software Unicode typefaces
Open-Source-Lizenz Free software licence
OpenAjax Alliance OpenAjax Alliance
OpenArena OpenArena
Openbox Openbox
OpenCms OpenCms
OpenGL Shading Language GLSL
OpenGL Utility Library OpenGL Utility Library
OpenGL Utility Toolkit OpenGL Utility Toolkit
OpenLaszlo OpenLaszlo
OpenNap Opennap
OpenSolaris OpenSolaris
OpenStep OpenStep
OpenSuse OpenSUSE
OpenWrt OpenWrt
Oper opera
Opera Opera
Opera buffa Opera buffa
Opera Garnier Palais Garnier
Opera semiseria Opera semiseria
Opera seria Opera seria
Opera Software Opera Software
Opera Software ASA Opera Software
operabel operable
Operación Colombo Operation Colombo
Operación Galaxia Operation Galaxia
Operación Triunfo Operación Triunfo
Operaismus Workerism
Operand operand
Operandenadresse operand address
operandenlos niladic
Operandenteil operand part
Operateur projectionist
Operateurin projectionist
Operation operation
Operation Achilles Operation Achilles
Operation Active Endeavour Operation Active Endeavour
Operation Anaconda Operation Anaconda
Operation Anadyr Operation Anadyr
Operation Anton Case Anton
Operation Artischocke Project ARTICHOKE
Operation Auguststurm Operation August Storm
Operation Avalanche Allied invasion of Italy
Operation Bagration Operation Bagration
Operation Biting Operation Biting
Operation Blau Case Blue
Operation Catapult Attack on Mers-el-Kébir
Operation Catchpole Battle of Eniwetok
Operation Chastise Operation Chastise
Operation Cobra Operation Cobra
Operation Compass Operation Compass
Operation Condor Operation Condor
Operation Crossroads Operation Crossroads
Operation Crusader Operation Crusader
Operation Desert Fox Bombing of Iraq
Operation Dominic Operation Dominic I and II
Operation Downfall Operation Downfall
Operation Dragon Rouge und Dragon Noir Congo Crisis
Operation Dragoon Operation Dragoon
Operation Dynamo Operation Dynamo
Operation Eagle Claw Operation Eagle Claw
Operation Earnest Will Operation Earnest Will
Operation Edelweiß Operation Edelweiss
Operation Enduring Freedom Operation Enduring Freedom
Operation Entebbe Operation Entebbe
Operation Fortitude Operation Fortitude
Operation Frequent Wind Operation Frequent Wind
Operation Früchte des Zorns Operation Grapes of Wrath
Operation Gomorrha Bombing of Hamburg in World War II
Operation Hannibal Operation Hannibal
Operation Herbstwolken Operation Autumn Clouds
Operation Highjump Operation Highjump
Operation Husky Allied invasion of Sicily
Operation Hölzernes Bein Operation Wooden Leg
Operation Iskra Operation Spark
Operation Ivy Operation Ivy
Operation Jassy-Kischinew Battle of Romania
Operation Jubilee Dieppe Raid
Operation Magic Carpet Operation Magic Carpet
Operation Market Garden Operation Market Garden
Operation Mars Second Rzhev-Sychevka Offensive
Operation Millennium Bombing of Cologne in World War II
Operation Mobilisation Operation Mobilisation
Operation Mongoose Cuban Project
Operation Moses Operation Moses
Operation Neptune Operation Neptune
Operation Nordwind Operation Nordwind
Operation Northwoods Operation Northwoods
Operation Overcast Operation Paperclip
Operation Overlord Battle of Normandy
Operation Pedestal Operation Pedestal
Operation Peking Peking Plan
Operation Phantom Fury Second Battle of Fallujah
Operation Phoenix Phoenix Program
Operation Plumbat Operation Plumbat
Operation Plunder Operation Plunder
Operation Pluto Operation Pluto
Operation Praying Mantis Operation Praying Mantis
Operation Rainbow Rainbow Six
Operation Regenbogen Operation Rainbow
Operation Restore Hope Operation Restore Hope
Operation Rolling Thunder Operation Rolling Thunder
Operation Rösselsprung Raid on Drvar
Operation Sandstone Operation Sandstone
Operation Sea Orbit Operation Sea Orbit
Operation Shingle Operation Shingle
Operation Sledgehammer Operation Sledgehammer
Operation Smiling Buddha Smiling Buddha
Operation Southern Watch Maritime Interdiction Operations
Operation Starlite Operation Starlite
Operation Stella Polaris Operation Stella Polaris
Operation Sturm Operation Tempest
Operation Tannenbaum Operation Tannenbaum
Operation Tonga Operation Tonga
Operation Torch Operation Torch
Operation Uranus Operation Uranus
Operation Vengeance Death of Isoroku Yamamoto
Operation Vigilant Resolve First Battle of Fallujah
Operation Walküre Operation Walküre
Operation Wolf Operation Wolf
Operation Worek Worek Plan
Operational Level Agreement Operating Level Agreement
Operationalisierung Operationalization
Operationen Vigorous und Harpoon Operation Harpoon
Operationen-Steuerung operations controller
Operations Support System Operations Support Systems
Operations-Charakteristik operating characteristics
Operationscode operation code
Operationspfad operation path
Operationsplan routing sheet
Operationsregister operation register
Operationssaal operating theatre
Operationsschlüssel operation code