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linearen linear
Linearer Code Linear code
linearer Regler linear controller
linearer Verstärker linear amplifier
linearer Vierpol linear two-port
linearer Widerstand ohmic resistor
linearer Zweipol linear two-terminal network
Lineares Gleichungssystem System of linear equations
lineares IC linear integrated circuit
lineares Mittel arithmetic mean
lineares Netz linear network
lineares Netzwerk linear network
lineares Programm sequential program
lineares System linear system
lineares Übertragungsglied linear transfer element
Linearform Linear functional
Linearführung linear guide
Lineargruppe linear array
Linearinterpolation linear array
linearisieren linearize
Linearisierung linearization
Linearisierungsschaltung linearization circuit
Linearität linearity
Linearitätsfehler nonlinear distortion
Linearitätsregelung linearity control
Linearkombination Linear combination
Linearkugellager linear ball bearing
Linearmikrophon transistorized microphone
Linearmotor linear motor
Linearpolarisation lineal polarization
Linearquadratisches Modell Linear no-threshold model
Linearrechner sequential computer
Linearregler linear regulator
Linearschrift Linear writing
Linearschrift A Linear A
Linearschrift B Linear B
Linearsteller linear actuator
Linearstömung linear flow
Lineart Line
Lineartaktik Line
Linearverstärker linear amplifie
Linearwelle linear wave
Linearwiderstand ohmic resistor
Linearwobbelung linear sweep
Linearzugriff sequential access
Lines of Code Source lines of code
Linescio TI Linescio
LinEx GnuLinEx
Linford Christie Linford Christie
Lingala Lingala
Lingbao Pai Lingbao School
Lingchi Slow slicing
Linge Linge
Lingen Lingen
Lingenau Lingenau
Lingenfeld Lingenfeld
Lingonen Lingones
Lingshan Lingshan
Lingua franca Lingua Franca
Lingua Franca Nova Lingua Franca Nova
Lingua sistemfrater Lingua sistemfrater
Linguist linguist