The diary of Anne Frank

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Anne Frank Tagebuch


Dieses Referat beinhaltet die dramatische Geschichte des jüdischen Mädchens Anne Frank und deren Tagebücher aus der Zeit des Nationalsozialismus, welche um die Welt gingen. Das Referat ist in englischer Sprache verfasst.

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#"The diary of Anne Frank" **Release year:** 1988 **Original Language**: Dutch Annelies Marie “Anne” Frank was a Jewish girl. She is on 12. June, born in Frankfurt in 1929. Her mother Edith Frank, her father Otto Frank, sister Margot Frank was called. 12. June 1942 to 4. August 1944, resulted in Anne’s diary. Her family had to the death of the grandfather enough money and was quite satisfied, but then her life had to end. With the onset of the economic crisis, Hitler’s rise to power, and the increasingly widespread hatred of Jews, the Frank family is always worse. Therefore, they decided in 1934, to Holland, to emigrate. There Anne’s father founded a company, the kids were in school and the mother was devoted to the budget. As the world war began in 1939 and soon after Germany occupied the Netherlands, the spread of Jew-hatred in Anne’s environment. Anne and Margot had to go from there in a Jewish school, her father lost his company. The Jews were always forbidden to more everyday things. 12. June 1942, Anne gets 13 years. Birthday of their parents, a diary, to which you immediately Like to find a gift. You even referred to it as the most beautiful of their birthday gifts. The first entry, and thus the beginning of the book, the sentence: “I will be able to confide in, I hope you everything, how I could it at anyone, and I hope you’re going to be a great support.” Anne quickly developed a strong bond to her diary and sees it as her best friend. Because a real best friend has had Anne never. Almost daily in her diary she writes letters to her imaginary friend “Kitty”. This trust Anne everything and often writes about their emotions and feelings. For the most part the diary of Anne Frank is made of very private things. You told very much from their everyday lives, for example, the school or from their friends. Often Anne stresses that she feels from her mother at a disadvantage. She has Margot a less good relationship with her mother Edith and her sister, and realizes that she feels in the family rather uncomfortable. Anne’s parents decide to emigrate to the US. However, this attempt fails and a short time later, in July 1942, Margot receives a call to come to Germany to work in a labor camp. So the family has no choice: they have to disappear immediately. Together with 4 other Jews in hiding, the four hide in a back building of their father’s company at Prinsengracht 263 in Amsterdam. The hiding place is behind a bookshelf; the secretary of Otto Frank, Miep Gies, together with her husband Jan Gies, Kugler, Kleinmann and Bep Voskuijl, helps the people in hiding. Anne Frank changes the names of the hidden one sand the helpers in her diary. Die Living conditions in the back building are very bad. There’s a shortage of space. Anne has to share her room with another person in hiding, Fritz Pfeffer. Anne is annoyed about Fritz because her privacy is disturbed by him. The family is also often not allowed to open the window and must always have closed the curtains, as the risk of being discovered and betrayed is too great. Also, the hygiene conditions are rather bad. Anne and the other people in hiding must also try not to make any noise or attract any attention. Also, the constant being together of the 8 people leads again and again to conflicts and despair. Apart from these living conditions, Anne’s family has to live every day with the fear of being betrayed and deported. Therefore, the atmosphere in the back building is permanently tense. The helper Miep provides the persecuted with food and books. It is also the only connection to the outside world. Every day the Jews are told about the war and other news. On 1. August1944 Anne writes her last diary entry. Of course at this point she has no idea what to expect in the next few days. Am 4. August 1944 the helpers were arrested and the eight people were found in hiding. It is still unclear who betrayed the hiding place. After one day they were sent to a prison, two days later to the transit camp Westerbork. Women and men were separated, Anne then came to the Birkenau women’s camp and, despite her strong will to live, died of typhus in March 1945 in the Bergen Belsen concentration camp. Otto frank was the only one of the eight people in hiding to survive. Miep gave him Anne’s diaries on his return and published them in 1947 under the name “Das Hinterhaus”.