Dreaming of Equality

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Dreaming of Equality Gleichberechtigung American Civil War Abraham Lincoln


Since 1640: slavery is a essential part for the farmer industry in the South Since 1760: many rifle of possessions between England and there 13 colonies 1773 (After Boston Tea Party): Declaration of Independence continued to count as property 1775-1781: War of Independence, Britains American wons; slaves continued to count as property 1860: Abraham Lincoln became the president; tried to stop slavery 1861-1865: American civil war; against freeing slaves 1863: Lincoln singed the emancipation proclamation; freeing all slaves, discrimination does not end: separation between black and white 1865: Ku Klux Klan was found to eliminate all of the “blacks”; goes into the 20th century

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“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal.”

This is a quotation by Thomas Jefferson in the late 18th.

Point of fact is, that “all men” do not include the African American people. Think about it.

This leads us into the presentation: “Dreaming of Equality”.

Table of contents

1.) The History
Than we will continue with
1.1) The War of Independence
After this, we go foreward, with
1.2.) The Timeline
Than, with the
1.3.) The new president
1.4) The American civil war
2.) The Ku Klux Klan
At the end, I will take a small
2.) Recap
And name the
4.) Recourses
, I have used

Let’s start with the History of Equality!

The American War of Independence

Since 1760 were many rifle of possessions between England and there thirteen colonies.
In 1773 after the Boston Tea Party was Declaration of Independence.
On the fourth July 1776 was the Declaration of Independence adopted.
In 1775 to 1783 was the War of Independence. The Britains American colonies won.

Let´s go forward with the Timeline

The Timeline

Since 1640 is the slavery an essential part of cotton and tobacco growing farm economy in the South.
After many arguments in Philadelphia in the War of Independence, the slaves continued to count as property.

This has changed with the new president. Many of you might know his name. His name is Abraham Lincoln.

The new president

America got an new president in 1860. His name was Abraham Lincoln. He was the one, who has tried to STOP the slavery.
After this “shock”, the southern states decided to leave the union.
Never mind. In 1861, the Northern states force them back into the union.

The American civil war has begun

The American civil war

The American civil war was in 1861.
It was because of the economic and social fission in the military.
The war was against freeing the slaves.

Let’s continue with the timeline again.

The Timeline

In 1863, the President Abraham Lincoln has signed the emancipation proclamation.
This proclamation has free all the Arican American slaves.
The war has ended in 1865. The Northern states had won.
In 1870, they gare all criticism to vote regardless of race or color.
Next to all of this, for the most people, living in America, the African Americans remained, as the underdogs.
Additional, the Jim Craw laws had passed in South.
This laws made it difficult for the African American people to vote.

There were founded many racist organizations, who wants to eliminate all of the African Americans.
You all might know one, of the most famouse organizations. The name of the organization is “The Kuk Klux Klan” and not “Kuk Kuks Klan”, as many people say.

The Ku Klux Klan

The “Kuk Klux Klan” is an racist organization, founded in the end of the civil war in the South. This was in 1865.
They continued to attack black people into twentieth century.
There goal is to eliminate the Afro Americans.
They wants to avail oneself of the civil war.

You are able identify the clan members, by the white habit and the rood on fire.

Let’s take a small recap!


The slavery is essantial in the Sauth since 1640.
Between 1775 and 1783 was the War of Independence.
Than in 1860, Abraham Lincoln has run as the president.
In 1861 was the American civil war.
Than in 1863, Lincoln has free all slaves.
Nevertheless, for the most of the Americans, the African Americans still be the underdogs.

Now I am going to name all of my sources, I have used, to make this presentation happen.


I have used the book
“Context 21” by Prof. Hellmut Schwarz, Mervyn Whittaker (2011, Cornelsen) [p. 76]
Nevertheless I have used the abstract
“Perspectives on the civil war” by James M McPhereson (2007, Oxford University Press) [p. 7]
I also have used the website

Thank you for paying close attention!